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Web update

  With the suspension of over the board play a few of us are continuing to play over the internet via Lichess. Many players don't like playing over the internet so we are missing them while other clubs are getting old contacts who would not play OTB to play electronically, so it really feels like a strange time.

It will be nice to get back to playing OTB ,sinking a few pints, and catching up with all our members. Hopefully the website will be updated over the next few weeks.

The ECF has changed it's rating to four digits - to see them and Lichess names of Maddocks members 

 It's working now, so some major updates until it fails again!

For games Maddocks 2 v 2 Telepost go to games page

Next online fixture

Newport a v Maddocks A 8th April


  As you are all probably aware, there is something "going around" at the moment which is not far from bringing virtually everything to a complete standstill. This, of course, means that all chess events for the foreseeable future are either cancelled or suspended, including the Shropshire leagues, cups and individuals!

  So watch this space (if I can get the updates to work!) for further developments!

ECF Membership

  Please make sure you have renewed your ECF membership, otherwise our club will get charged for game fees at the end of the season!

  Simply clicking on the link on the right of this page will take you directly to the login page of the "Go Membership" portal.







    E v e n t s

Self Isolating

Stockpiling toilet paper

Drink beer

But most importantly:-

Keep yourself & your family safe from the Corona!!!

OTB 9-11 July 4NCL congress Leamington Spa

As soon as it is safe and the club is open we look forward to seeing you there 

World Top 10

Membership Fees - all below to be reviewed on reopening

   You now have THREE different memberships which you need to pay some money for! Please make sure that all of them are fully paid and current.

1. Maddocks Chess Club

Just £12 per year for adults and £6 for juniors.

Essential for general expenses such as league fees, boards, sets, clocks, website fees, etc

Membership expires 10th August, 2020

(Our next AGM)

2. Maddocks Sports & Social Club

Club Members must also join the Social Club to make use of their facilities. There is a one-off 'new-member' fee of £5, +£14 per year for adults or £8 for seniors (over 60) and juniors (under 18).

Membership expires 31st March, 2020

3. ECF (English Chess Federation)

It is a requirement by Shropshire Chess that all players are members of the ECF so that all games can be graded without any additional fees being incurred by clubs.

Bronze £18 (£6 juniors)

Covers all league, county matches, etc

Silver £27 (£6 juniors)

As Bronze, but includes non-Fide congresses

Gold £39 (£19.50 juniors)

As Silver, but includes Fide congresses.

Membership expires on 31st August, 2020

  Application forms for joining our chess club and the Maddocks Social Club are available to download from the 'Membership' page. Please complete these as soon as possible.

  There is a link at the top right of this page to direct you to the ECF for membership renewals.

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